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The Elite Planter Series

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Perfect Anywhere

Ergonomic and stylishly modern, this elevated planter box is a fitting piece to decorate your patio, balcony, yard, courtyard, porch and more.  It is designed for limited space gardening and will add unique beauty and style while growing your favorite flowers, strawberries, veggies and herbs. 

Even in the city you can have direct access to growing a salad and taking it from your terrace to your table.  If you have a sunny backyard with lots of space but terrible soil, put 2 or 3 in a row and watch your yard come to life.


Sturdy, Durable and Stable

The Elite features a long-life galvanized steel foundation which is durably resistant to water, rust and corrosion.  The unfinished cedar wood can be left alone and can be considered maintenance free.  


The galvanized bottom is designed to self-drain and is adjustable allowing for:

  • a 10.5-inch-deep bed of soil for larger plants, vegetables

  • a 8.5-inch-deep bed for vegetables and herbs

  • a 4.5-inch-deep bed for flowers and herbs. 


The Elite is rot and insect resistant.

Thoughtful Touches

The Elite stands 28” high making it perfect for those who don't like to bend down yet low enough, your plants won't catch the wind on your balcony.  The elevation reduces weeding and helps protect your plants from rabbits and other garden pests.

Getting started is easy.  Simply place newspaper on the bottom and along the edges and you're ready for potting soil and plants.  The newspaper prevents soil from seeping through plus absorbs any extra water.

The growing season will deplete nutrients from the soil.  It is recommended you remove the soil at the end of the growing season and replace it in the spring.

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Questions about our inventory? Reach out today, we’re happy to help.

Lots of Growing Space

Generously sized with 2 options. The overall dimensions are:


The Elite Classic                    

Width:   31” 

Height:   28”                       

Length:  47.25”  (can customize length only) 

Soil Bed:  10.5” or 8.5” or 4.5"           

Unit Weight:  89 lbs         

Maximum Load:  150 lbs            

The Elite Slim

Width:  16”

Height:  28”

Length:  47.25”  (can customize length only)

Soil Bed:  10.5” or 8.5” or 4.5" 

Unit Weight:  47 lbs

Maximum Load:  100 lbs

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